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In The Gutter: Sinn Sage Interview

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vampirooni-pic3A little while ago, we at “In The Gutter” had a chance to speak with the lovely, talented and dynamic Sinn Sage, who can be seen sizzling up the world of adult entertainment in everything from foot fetish flicks, to good old girl on girl love fests. Sinn played the role of Vampirooni (Demi The Demoness’ very own Vampire Vixen) in the Demi the Demoness Movie, based on the popular comic published by Carnal Comics. Recently Sinn has created her own website,, featuring new content every week; as well as has started training to direct films for the industry’s premier girl/girl company, Sweetheart Video. For more information on Sinn Sage, check out her MySpace page,, or follow her on twitter,


1.      What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about you, and adult actresses in general?

I think that quite clearly, the biggest misconception about adult actresses is that we are abused, stupid, and slutty; also that we are substance abusers.  Of course there are women out there like this, but they work in every field, which is a fact that a lot of people either forget or overlook.  The same types of people that you find in the adult industry, you can find anywhere else.  In my experiences I have met mostly women that are sober, smart and thoughtful; that have never encountered abuse, and simply realized their sexuality and embraced it and made the conscious choice to share it with the world.  I personally grew up with loving, educated, attentive parents and family; did very well in school, was never abused in any way, but always felt an overwhelming sexual curiosity and desire to experiment sexually.  I knew I wanted to be involved in the sexual industry by the time I was 14.  I’m really doing what I always wanted to do.  Of course society never blames a man for being sexually promiscuous, he is just seen as a stud, but women are punished by being seen as slutty, or there must be something wrong with her, just for being in control of her own sexuality.  Clearly this is unfair.  I would love to see this dynamic change but it’s doubtful.

2.      You’ve been in a variety of different films, spanning many genres including, spanking, foot fetish, bondage, etc. Are any of these fetishes ones you enjoy off camera, or is it all just business?

Of course I enjoy them!!!  There’s not much I would do on camera that I don’t enjoy in real life—that doesn’t make sense to me!  There are many aspects of fetish that I enjoy.  Mostly I like mental, mind-fucking and fear play; but I love spanking, it’s just a great feeling, giving and receiving!  As far as S&M, my feelings have changed a lot within the past year, and I feel mostly I like domming now. I’m not really into subbing anymore like I used to be.

3.      You have a rule, in that you only do girl/girl scenes. Although there have been other actresses to attempt maintaining this discipline throughout their careers, eventually the right amount of money came along to change their minds. Will this be the case with you, or are you firmly set in your decision?

Well I’ve learned recently that one thing you can never really say is never, you just set yourself up for hypocrisy.  BUT, as far as my mindset right now, I am firmly set in the idea of only being with women on camera.  I know a lot of girls in the industry and have heard a lot of stories, and the girls that do boy-girl have to deal with a lot of things that I don’t, and they have experiences that vastly differ from my own, which I’m not sure I would be willing to deal with.

4.      Some see the life of a porn-star as glamorous, free of work. As I’m sure you know, it isn’t all fun and games. Can you describe an average day in the life of Sinn Sage, as well as what kind of work it takes to run your own website?

Well, an average work day would mean that I have to go to bed fairly early the night before.  I wake up about 3 hours before I have to leave, have some coffee, check my email, take a shower, do my make-up and my hair (which can take a while) and leave.  I can be onset anywhere from 2-8 hours.  You never really know how long it’s going to take.  I try to flirt a little or feel out the person I will be working with.  From here it all depends on what type of work I’m doing. For a g/g scene, I usually just start it out and go with the flow—I  don’t plan it out too much.  If I have to dom or wrestle, I have to think more about what I’m going to do exactly, what I’m going to say—I  don’t want to be too repetitive.  When I come home, I will check my email again, maybe contact some people about some work and send pics, go to my MySpace and communicate with fans and add friends, and try to update.  As far as my website, it is mostly handled by my webmasters, but my job is to set up shoots with girls who want to do trades.  This is the best deal for me because I don’t have to spend money for a model.  If I can find another girl I know with a website, then she can shoot content for me and I can shoot some for her, and we’ve just traded time and we both get original content for our sites.  This is hard to pull off though, because if a girl gets a paid job she will have to reschedule; and, just like always, it’s hard to get girls to not be flaky.  I try to set it up with girls that I know and we like each other, so we get a shoot with good chemistry and she shows up.  I also come up with almost all the ideas for the scenes that are on my site, sometimes on the spot. I just do what I like, and so far people have liked that!

5.      Throughout the history of adult film there have been some great stage names, such as Linda Lovelace, and Cherry Poppins. Your name has come to rank among them. When one hears the name Sinn Sage, one doesn’t easily forget it. What led to the creation of this name?

Ha ha, well I’m not sure my name has come anywhere close to ranking with Linda Lovelace!  But yes, I really love the name I chose for myself.  When I began as a dancer, I didn’t know much about it at all, and on the spot had to come up with a stage name.  I’ve always been drawn to ‘darker’ things I guess, and always thought Sinn would be an awesome name for a pet or something.  But, I also loved the idea of reminding people of the concept of sin as a young naked girl is writhing on their lap (especially for those religious people that still make a habit of enjoying the strip club, they are my favorite).

When I became a performer, I had to come up with a last name.  It actually somewhat follows an old formula, in that “Sage” is the road I grew up on.  I felt it worked well because alliteration seems to be commonplace for porn names, so I went with it.  When I tell people “Sage,” I like to say, “like a wise person,” as opposed to a bush.


The world of adult entertainment, as with most media outlets, is extremely competitive. Do performers get along, in spite of competing against one another for roles and a share of the audience?

Yes, almost always from what I’ve experienced.  It is vastly different from the dancing industry, in that aspect.  At the strip club, you have no idea how much money you will leave with, and you need it the most.  This makes girls extremely competitive.  In movies, everyone arrives knowing exactly how much their check is going to be at the end of the day.  There’s really no reason to feel a competition with each other.  One girl doing worse or better isn’t so much going to affect the success of another.  Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I almost 100% get along with every girl I’ve worked with, and quite a lot have become what I consider to be friends.

7.      We know you don’t do boy/girl, but is there any other act you will not engage in onscreen?

I don’t do anal insertion, and I hate caning.  I’m hard pressed to think of anything else!

8.      On your MySpace, you’ve hinted at the possibility of moving into directing. What type of films will you specialize in? For example Courtney Cummz has made the oral field her trademark genre. How will your films distinguish themselves from the massive amount of content out there?

Well basically I’m training to become a director for an already established company, which is Sweetheart Video.  Ever since I met the director/performer Nica Noelle, my career and my life has come into focus.  She has provided me with so much opportunity and direction.  Sweetheart Video is a company that makes genuine, authentic, passionate girl/girl erotica, so these are the movies that I will be directing, hopefully by the end of this year.  Sweetheart is already very successful, having put itself in the top 3 girl/girl companies within a year of its inception.  It is distinguishable because of the authenticity, there is no fake-ness allowed, none of what I call “overdirection” where girls are being told how and what position to be in when, which removes the energy and connection from the performers and the scene.  This is the type of porn and company that I can, and do, feel proud to be involved with.

I also direct most of what is on my site, while I am performing in it (although sometimes I wish I could do the camera as well), but sadly that is impossible.

9.      Besides being an adult starlet, you also wrestle. How far would you want to take your wrestling career? If given the chance, would you wrestle professionally for the WWE?

This is something that was commonly misunderstood by friends when I first started wrestling.  I’d come back from a day of wrestling work and they’d ask, “did you win?”  Of course most of what I do is not what you’d technically call competitive wrestling.  A lot of it is cat-fighting style or ‘pro-style’, which is mostly putting together, and planning out, moves that look good and deciding who will win or lose beforehand (usually based on a custom script).  I love the work though!  I just like the fact that it’s something in my arsenal as far as work that I can do and seem to be good at. If I was given the chance to wrestle professionally, I’d like to say that yeah, it would be fun and I’d love to do it and play a crazy character!  But there would have to be *extensive* training and conditioning for me to be at that level, which really, I’m not even marginally close to.

10.  What words of wisdom do you have for any young woman thinking about entering the industry?

My number one thing to say is please, do not get into it for the money alone.  You will bring nothing to it, and you will leave feeling bad about yourself.  Get into this industry because you absolutely love fucking, and you love people looking at you and watching you fuck, and you want to share your sexuality with people.  Have a blast with it!  Make sure it’s fun!  Also, do NOT do anything you don’t want to do!  If you start shooting too much and you don’t like half of what you’re doing, you will just get spit out at the end of a long line and feel like shit.  Understand, going into it, what you are about to do, and that once you’re on camera, it’s there forever, and make sure you’re okay with it.  Be prepared that people in your life will judge you, people you meet will judge you, and you won’t be able to explain your ideas on the subject to everyone.  It will be very hard to be in a relationship also.  Please be intelligent, and make smart decisions about what you do with your mind and body, because if you don’t truly love everything you do, you won’t be successful anyway.

My favorite quote:

“Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”            -Buddha

Tell that to the people who think you’d somehow be better off whoring yourself out in a cubicle!


In The Gutter: Review

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Erotic Comics Vol. 2: A Graphic History From The liberated 70’s To The Internet

eroco27Erotic Comics Vol. 2, by Tim Pilcher, chronicles the genre’s growth from the seventies through the present. It has a lot to offer to those just getting to first base with the medium, yet, it ultimately comes up short as a definitive survey of the art form.

For anyone who has been reading erotic comics for more than a few months, and has the slightest knowledge of their history, you will immediately encounter inaccuracies, or at least things in which to strongly disagree with Mr. Pilcher about.

I knew this would be a tough read from the get go as, early on in the section covering magazines, Pilcher praises the new revamped version of Heavy Metal(now edited by Kevin Eastman) for its increased eroticism. If anything, under Eastman, the Magazine has become far tamer and less explicit than its first run through in the seventies and eighties under the National Lampoon imprint. Perhaps, this accounts for the all time low of circulation the magazine has experienced these past years. When one flips through pages of Heavy Metal today, you will be hard pressed to find full frontal female nudity, let alone the more taboo male nudity in comics exhibited prominently in Den (Richard Corben) serialized in the first few years of the magazine’s publication.

Obviously one cannot hope to cover the scope of an entire art form in two books, as Pilcher has attempted, but there are certain moments in the history of the subject matter that he either glosses over, or simply does not bother mentioning at all which are inexcusable if your goal is to capture the biggest moments in the last forty years of erotic comics.

The biggest of these slips is his complete lack of information regarding the publisher Carnal Comix. Yes this blog indeed is sponsored by Carnal, but I’ve been a fan of the publisher long before this blog ever came into being. Plus kiddies, I don’t get paid a cent for this gig… Carnal did something that no other publisher has done, it blended porn stars and comics into the perfect package of titillating treats, with its illustrated autobiographies of porn star series. The series not only took the comics’ world by storm in the early nineties, but the adult entertainment industry as well. Why there is no mention of this groundbreaking moment in erotic comics’ history escapes me. Other less, but equally frustrating moments in the book include: Pilcher’s limiting the controversy of Barry Blair exclusively to his adults only work, as well his gross unfamiliarity with the publisher Verotik.

Barry Blair’s adult work actually didn’t cause too much of a stir. What got Mr. Blair in hot water was his work on Elfquest, the all ages series being deemed pedophilia. Blair loved to put those childlike half naked elves in various states of intertwining affection, giving parents the impression that little Johnny was looking at kids engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. If you’re not familiar with Blair’s work, please do make an attempt to discover it as he is a true master of color.

In his section dedicated to the publisher Verotik, Pilcher completely misses the boat on what exactly made the company unique. Sure he hits the most important point that Verotik’s content focuses on erotic horror, but he does not discuss what makes it worthy of being a chapter in a history of erotic comics’ book. Although Pilcher does refer to the title Sunglasses After Dark as being one of Verotik’s most popular titles, he underscores its importance of being adapted from a Bram Stoker award winning novel. Verotik employed only the best writers in erotic horror fiction and as a result it wasn’t just the gory art that made its product popular, but the stories as well. Just to be nitpicky I should state for the truly devoted erotic comics fan that extremely controversial story A Taste of Cherry receives no attention either in the Verotik section.

After reading all this criticism and yes there’s plenty more one can point out that is wrong with Pilcher’s book (not the least, his highly ignorant view of certain genres in Japanese Manga) this work still deserves a place in your library, if for nothing else than that you won’t find a more diverse collection of erotic art on the market. This has a little something everyone can enjoy from furies to gay comix, to the many fine renditions of the female form. In the chapters that Pilcher does appear to have done his homework on, you can find some excellent information especially on the rise of gays and lesbians in comics. Many milestones of the genre are revealed, such as Faust and Cherry Poptart. If you can keep from closing the book in disbelief at the lunacy of some of Pilcher’s comments, you’ll find inside a plethora of art to keep you drooling over for years to come.






In the Gutter – March 18, 2009

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Welcome dear reader to the first installment of “In The Gutter,” the only blog on the net devoted to bringing you reviews, interviews and news concerning the best in erotic comics past, present and future. We at “In The Gutter” take our porn seriously, so you know you can expect only the best. That’s right, we’ll dig through those fluid soaked, dust ridden, adult sections in the back of your local comic shop so you don’t have to and, if we contract herpes, so be it. At least we can rest knowing you’ll have some nifty books in your hands. Expect a little something for everyone–everything from pinups to pillow books, from Frazetta to Frank Thorne, it will all find its way here sometime.  So what are we waiting for let’s get started.

This Weeks Feature: Grub Girl

Published by Verotik Comics, Grub Girl tells the unique tale of a zombie hooker in her never ending quest for cash and refuge from the law. All she wants is to be able to give her ten dollar blowjobs in peace, and really is that so much to ask for? Edward Lee, underground horror author, best known for his gross out stories and splatter-punk style, masterfully spins his yarn through in depth prose and witty dialogue. His writing is what truly sets Grub Girl a step above many other adult comics on the market. While a great deal of erotic comics simply provide a loose plot interspersed with repetitive sex scenes, in Grub Girl, sex drives the story and emerges as an essential part of the narrative.


Simon Morse’s art compliments Ed’s writing quite ingeniously, rendering the world of Grub Girl as offbeat and cartoonish. Without his art, the story might in fact be quite unbearable to read for some, in spite of its expert craftsmanship. For Grub Girl does not present the life of a prostitute as glamorous, it strips away all the decadence one might see on the HBO series Cathouse, leaving a gritty environment full of heroine addicted, HIV infected, sad cases forced onto the streets by abusive pimps. Grub Girl particularly takes a disturbing turn when she is abducted for military experiments and tortured relentlessly. Yet, Simon manages to take some of the shock away with his loony tune caricatures. The highlight of Grub Girl lies in its dark humor that will either send you into fits of laughter or cause you to vomit. For example, Grub Girl sucks off another zombie a little too hard ripping his penis off. Hilarious! or not, you be the judge.  If you’re in the mood to try something a bit different, you know other than Housewives At Play, and have an iron stomach, then by all means check out Grub Girl; you won’t be disappointed. Grub Girl appears in issues 8 and 15 of Verotika                         (Verotik’s monthly anthology series.) Grub girl #1, which is a retelling of the Verotik short stories, focus more on Grub Girl’s traumatic upbringing, and Verotik World #2, which concludes the retelling started in Grub Girl #1. There was also a Grub Girl adult film made, starring the lovely Brittany Skye, which maybe reviewed in a later installment of “In The Gutter”


From time to time we will report on news in the world of erotic comics, however the amount of news one has access to covering the medium is quite sparse. “In The Gutter” does hope to change this, but it will take time. For now here’s a small bit of news you might be interested in.

Verotik, recently posted on their website that a Satanika movie is in pre- production. So far no word has been given on what sort of rating the film may have, but judging by the heavy super natural elements in the book, calling for a large number of special effects, chances are they will opt for an R rating in order to get a wider audience.  Even the biggest budget porn films couldn’t pull off the effects needed to properly execute a faithful adaptation of the Satanika series. Let’s just hope this flick turns out better than “Faust.”