In the Gutter – March 18, 2009

Welcome dear reader to the first installment of “In The Gutter,” the only blog on the net devoted to bringing you reviews, interviews and news concerning the best in erotic comics past, present and future. We at “In The Gutter” take our porn seriously, so you know you can expect only the best. That’s right, we’ll dig through those fluid soaked, dust ridden, adult sections in the back of your local comic shop so you don’t have to and, if we contract herpes, so be it. At least we can rest knowing you’ll have some nifty books in your hands. Expect a little something for everyone–everything from pinups to pillow books, from Frazetta to Frank Thorne, it will all find its way here sometime.  So what are we waiting for let’s get started.

This Weeks Feature: Grub Girl

Published by Verotik Comics, Grub Girl tells the unique tale of a zombie hooker in her never ending quest for cash and refuge from the law. All she wants is to be able to give her ten dollar blowjobs in peace, and really is that so much to ask for? Edward Lee, underground horror author, best known for his gross out stories and splatter-punk style, masterfully spins his yarn through in depth prose and witty dialogue. His writing is what truly sets Grub Girl a step above many other adult comics on the market. While a great deal of erotic comics simply provide a loose plot interspersed with repetitive sex scenes, in Grub Girl, sex drives the story and emerges as an essential part of the narrative.


Simon Morse’s art compliments Ed’s writing quite ingeniously, rendering the world of Grub Girl as offbeat and cartoonish. Without his art, the story might in fact be quite unbearable to read for some, in spite of its expert craftsmanship. For Grub Girl does not present the life of a prostitute as glamorous, it strips away all the decadence one might see on the HBO series Cathouse, leaving a gritty environment full of heroine addicted, HIV infected, sad cases forced onto the streets by abusive pimps. Grub Girl particularly takes a disturbing turn when she is abducted for military experiments and tortured relentlessly. Yet, Simon manages to take some of the shock away with his loony tune caricatures. The highlight of Grub Girl lies in its dark humor that will either send you into fits of laughter or cause you to vomit. For example, Grub Girl sucks off another zombie a little too hard ripping his penis off. Hilarious! or not, you be the judge.  If you’re in the mood to try something a bit different, you know other than Housewives At Play, and have an iron stomach, then by all means check out Grub Girl; you won’t be disappointed. Grub Girl appears in issues 8 and 15 of Verotika                         (Verotik’s monthly anthology series.) Grub girl #1, which is a retelling of the Verotik short stories, focus more on Grub Girl’s traumatic upbringing, and Verotik World #2, which concludes the retelling started in Grub Girl #1. There was also a Grub Girl adult film made, starring the lovely Brittany Skye, which maybe reviewed in a later installment of “In The Gutter”


From time to time we will report on news in the world of erotic comics, however the amount of news one has access to covering the medium is quite sparse. “In The Gutter” does hope to change this, but it will take time. For now here’s a small bit of news you might be interested in.

Verotik, recently posted on their website that a Satanika movie is in pre- production. So far no word has been given on what sort of rating the film may have, but judging by the heavy super natural elements in the book, calling for a large number of special effects, chances are they will opt for an R rating in order to get a wider audience.  Even the biggest budget porn films couldn’t pull off the effects needed to properly execute a faithful adaptation of the Satanika series. Let’s just hope this flick turns out better than “Faust.”  


One Response to “In the Gutter – March 18, 2009”

  1. I’m wondering if anyone has an idea of the value of Eros Comics ” Tumbling Boxes #1 [ Reed Waller art ] . I have many Verotic titles but have not heard of ” Grub Girl “

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