Hi  all – SS Crompton blogging in today, with some news about what books we are currently working on and when we might see them.  So here’s the list and some info about each book and when it might come out…
True Stories of Adult Film Stars: AURORA SNOW #1:  This book is mostly finished and we have sold am ashcan of this book at San Diego year year.  It’s Aurora Snow’s life story and sexual fantasies told in her own words!  Unlike some of the other bio comics, this book will also contains a 3rd section that will include illustrated highlights from Aurora’s diary!  Should be out this summer!

DEMI & THE SEX SQUAD #1:  48 pages. This is basically issue 3 of Sex Squad, but with more pages and a little more emphasis on Demi and her other co stars who help out the Squad.  This time out, Vampirooni guest stars, along with new member Sumona (from Demi Hardcore 2 & 3)  Plus Kit-Ra.  A sexy-thrill-packed issue!  Look for it in August.

DEMI’s MOVIE SPECIAL #1  This book features stories that take place inside the Demi the Demoness Movie, including flashbacks that show how Vampirooni knew about the Thule-Gestaf (Rooni dated Lyssa’s Grandfather in the 1930’s!)  Plus How Lyssa recovered the Thule-Gestaff and got a new girlfriend and the time Demi was summoned to Castle Von Crowley during WWII!  Lots of cool , sexy Nazi sex and mysticism!  Look for this book in the Fall.

We are also working on a few surprises… so stay tuned! And thanks for being a fan!


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