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Audrey Elson Interview

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Audrey Elson is an adult film actress probably best known for her role as Lyssa the delicious yet deadly witch in the “Demi The Demoness” film, based on the popular adult comic of the same name (both the comic series and movie can be purchased on But besides being someone who gets paid for playing naughty dress-up, or down as it were, hopefully, you will come to know Audrey as much more than that by reading this interview. For behind this delectable Detroit diva’s onscreen persona lies a unique individual, who is much more than a pretty face, and as she describes one of her fan’s saying to her, a woman with “Awesome Rockin’ tits.”

1.Did you enjoy your experience playing Lyssa the witch in the “Demi The Demoness” movie? If given the opportunity would you be willing to reprise your role? You do die in the film, but it is based on a comic, and everybody knows, no one really ever dies in comics.

I had a lot of fun working on the “Demi” movie. I especially enjoyed being directed by Steve Steele and performing opposite Sinn Sage. It was a strenuous day of shooting, but a worthwhile experience overall. I would love to reprise my role; Lyssa is a fun character to play. And yes, it is true:  if you die in a comic, you’re never really dead. However, I’m in a state of semi-retirement in which I’m not sure whether or not I’ll continue performing the rest of the year. If the timing and circumstances were all in sync, I’d love to reprise the role.

2. You have a very distinct tattoo of an old English font letter D which stands for Detroit where you are from. What does Detroit mean to you and what do you miss most about living there?

I got the tattoo as a reminder to myself to never get a big head and to keep in mind where I came from. It’s impossible to feel high and mighty in any capacity when you come from a shithole like the “D.”  Detroit has its charm, and I kid when I call it a ‘shithole,’ but it ain’t Beverly Hills, that’s for sure. It’s the spirit of the city, the attitude of the city that will always be with me. The best example I can give would be to compare the attitude of Los Angelinos to the attitude of Detroiters. People in LA will kiss your ass and curse you as you turn your back. If a Detroiter doesn’t like you, there’s no need for sugarcoating it—they’ll let you know to your face. It’s a type of raw honesty that I appreciate. I don’t ever want to lose that perspective, and my tattoo reminds me of that.

3. In past interviews you’ve indicated that you would ultimately like to have a career in mainstream cinema. How optimistic are you about a crossover given that there have been several starlets in the last few years to have done so quite successfully,  the most recent being Sasha Grey and her roles in several upcoming independent features?

The constant fear of a normal job keeps me going in that direction. Actually, I’m very happy and content with my life right now. I’m taking a much needed break from the work-force and raising my family. It’s time spent that I can’t put a price on. I’m very fortunate to be able to stay home right now. I’d love to get back into acting, but I definitely need to work on my skills. With acting, you’re never really finished learning. I could be in training for the next fifteen years and learn something new every day. The whole crossover thing is a bit silly, but I understand its place. The unfortunate thing about being an adult performer is that, no matter how successful you become in mainstream cinema, you will always be a ‘porn star.’ Or, you’re a gifted actor, ‘for a porn star.’  The stigma never goes away.

4. If acting in the mainstream does not work out, would you consider becoming more involved in the adult industry, say, transitioning into writing or directing?

I’m fairly certain that I’d be a better director than performer, it’s something I’m not sure I’d want to get into. The ‘writing’ that goes into the adult industry is a joke. Lame dialogue, POV shot, more lame dialogue, black guy enters scene, blowjob, anal, popshot, scene. There’s your script. One of the really fun things about porn is all the improvisation. I’ve worked with some really funny, quick, talented people that would excel if given the proper venue.

5. On your MySpace page you list Larry Flynt as a hero. I doubt there are too many women who would consider him as such, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t admit it. What about Mr. Flynt is special in your eyes, so special that you would list him as one of your heroes?

Americans owe that man a ‘thank you.’ A big one. That man has fought tooth-and-nail        for free speech since the early days of smut. His enthusiasm towards the cause always struck a chord with me, and I appreciate the service he has provided and the sacrifices he made to give me the right to be a porn actor in 2009. He came from nothing, worked his ass off as a business man, and used his wealth to protect the freedoms that make this country so great. God bless Larry Flynt.

6. Many argue that your occupation is immoral, how do you respond to these sorts of claims and what value do feel adult films have in society, if any?

The people that argue that my occupation is immoral come from a little hypocrite club called ‘organized religion.’ The people that crusade against porn during the day are jacking off to it at night, and absolutely loving it. I’m doing what they are too embarrassed and afraid to so. I’m liberated by the very acts of sexual defiance that others wish they had the courage to do. To be naked in front of the world—stripped down, raw and explicit—is one of the most liberating feelings I have ever experienced. I wish those that judge before they think or experience would just wake up. This is your life—FEEL IT. Adult films push the boundaries—they do us the service of letting us know just where those boundaries lie, and they show us that sexuality is something to be celebrated and enjoyed.

7. Adult actresses, as well as actors have often commented that their fans seem to believe that they are who they portray on camera. Why do you think this is the case, when we don’t see it happening as much with non-adult actors/actresses?  For example, Christian Bale plays Batman, yet he’s not expected to run around at night fighting crime.

This is always really irritating. I’ve had more than my fair share of unpleasant public experiences with ‘fans’ that think I’m some kind of sideshow freak that they can poke at until I collapse in a puddle of bad makeup and hair extensions screaming, “I’m not an animal!”  They don’t separate the fantasy from the reality, or maybe they just don’t want to. If they stopped to think while they comment on my awesome rockin’ tits that I’m someone’s mother and someone’s daughter and an avid gardening enthusiast; the sexual fantasies they have about me would probably be ruined forever. I also have it on good authority that Christian Bale is, in fact, Batman.

8. What led to your decision to enter the adult film industry? After all you did enter at a slightly older age, at least in terms of porno years.

Are you trying to call me old!? Jesus, I’m only 23! I don’t know how to answer that. When I look at my peer group in the industry, the vast majority are women my age or older, and men in their late thirties (or older, if you can imagine). I entered the industry at 21-22, which I think is a pretty average age in the business. Young enough to be clinging on to that last thread of innocence, old enough not to give a shit anymore. It’s a fine age, as a matter of fact.

9. In your view, when, if ever, should erotica be deemed obscenity in the eyes of the law? (Excluding content involving minors which is a given.)

NEVER!!! Let me be more direct with you…FUCKING NEVER!!! I don’t want the law telling me what I can and can’t jerk off to.

Something that’s obscene to you may be perfectly acceptable or even super-duper hot, to me. The whole ‘obscenity law’ issue is another brilliant disguise for censorship. Congratulations America; you let some prick that you don’t know in a building  far, far away tell you what you can and can’t enjoy. If you let him get away with that, just IMAGINE what else you’ll let him take away from you.

10. Some might deem the scenes in which you’ve participated in as degrading towards women and would argue that those who are a party to such things could only have a low opinion of themselves. What does the woman behind Audrey Elson feel when she wakes up in the morning, are you genuinely happy?

I’m as pleased as punch when I wake up in the morning! Seriously! I live a very blessed and happy life. I have so much to be happy for. My self-identity has little to do with “Audrey Elson” and comes mostly from being “Mommy.”  I’m not so different from anyone else; granted, I may conduct myself a bit differently in the work place (but always professionally, and with utmost courtesy for my co-workers. I have a very high opinion of myself, and am a very confident lady. I’ll agree that some of the scenes I participated in have been somewhat degrading to women, and I in NO WAY condone such behavior (which, I think would be obvious). However, it is a work of FICTION, just like any other movie you’d fork over your fourteen bucks a ticket for. No one ever gave the actors in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” any grief for their work in the most successful snuff film in history. Take it at face-value; it’s a little story told by actors on a screen before your eyes, and you’re paying to watch it.

11.  Is it in some way empowering to know that you are the object of someone’s fantasies, or does it give you some other feeling?

I wouldn’t say it’s empowering. I don’t desire any sort of ‘power’ over others. It does give the old self esteem a little boost, though. It’s nice to have a stranger tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen. It’s very flattering and sweet, you know?  Even if it’s absolute bullshit, it still feels nice and makes me walk a little taller during the day.

12.  You have placed this quote on your MySpace page. “There is too much burden placed on the orgasm to make up for empty areas in life.” That’s an interesting statement. What personal significance does it hold for you?

I just think people are obsessed with sex. In good ways, in bad ways; especially Americans. It’s this big deal, and it really shouldn’t be. Sex is fantastic, and without it, none of us would be around, but I think people make it into this Holy Grail. Maybe it’s because they aren’t having any sex, or are frustrated with their sex lives in the first place. I apply the idea to a personal relationship I’ve had. Sex became a deal-breaker, when it should only have ever been an amplifier. The sex was standing-in for an emotional void that this person had in their life. When sex becomes a substitute for something else, it does a disservice to your life, as opposed to enriching it as it properly should.

13.  How do you balance your career and personal relationships? Is it ever difficult to separate the two?

It can get pretty rough. I’ve had ‘best friends’ and close family members insult and abandon me due to by choice to participate in adult films. It’s difficult to maintain a stable romantic relationship because human nature leads us to feel jealousy and resentment towards a partner that is non-monogamous. I myself have the same feelings of jealousy towards my romantic partners—I don’t want to share, either! And most men, no matter how secure in themselves, don’t want to see their lovely lady getting railed better, faster, and harder than they can do with her. The male ego is a delicate dainty little bugger, and it doesn’t like to be fucked with. At the end of the work day, porn is a job. I do my job like you do your job:  I show up on time, I’m a team player, I collect my pay, and I go home to cook dinner and watch “The Office.”  I just have a lot more free-time than you do; oh, and there’s the little part about the sex, but that goes on at most workplaces, anyways.




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Calif. — Sinn Sage, a 25-year-old brunette who works exclusively in girl/girl scenes, is in a Vancouver hospital undergoing treatment for a head injury sustained in a snowboarding accident two days ago.

According to boyfriend Jason Ramirez, Sage was snowboarding in Whistler, two hours north of Vancouver , when she hit an ice patch. “The board came out from under her legs and she hit the back of her head on the ice patch.”

Doctors, he said, “did surgery on her and then they induced a coma so her brain wouldn’t be stressed out, wouldn’t slow up. They did have her on morphine. They took her off the morphine yesterday.

“They’re going to get her off the machine and they’re going to completely not give her any type of drug or painkiller and see how she responds to that. They’re going to keep on doing CT-scans every day to see how her brain’s doing. They did have to drill into her brain to relieve pressure.

“She’s going to be in the hospital for another two, two-and-a-half weeks. She’s going to have to do therapy… The doctor says, as it is right now, there’s not going to be any brain loss, but he doesn’t know that until she comes out.”

Ramirez said that Sage’s mother is at her side, and that she holds her hand and “gives like a light squeeze, so I think she knows her mom’s there. But I’m not sure if she’s aware of where she’s at and everything right now.” 

 Ramirez has started a website, for donations for her medical expenses. He said he would keep it updated so friends and colleagues can check on her progress.

Sage is perhaps best known for her many appearances in Belladonna’s girl/girl epics, including No Warning 4, Evil Pink 4 and Fetish Fanatic 7. She has also appeared in movies from lesbian studios Sweetheart Video, Abigail Productions, Triangle Films and Girlfriends Films.

 She is one of the stars of Belladonna’s latest release, Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever. Ironically enough, it deals with girls on a winter sports holiday in Big Bear. 
Please forward to anyone who might want to help or contribute to Sinn’s recovery costs – thank you  SSC.

 Source: AVN: