Calif. — Sinn Sage, a 25-year-old brunette who works exclusively in girl/girl scenes, is in a Vancouver hospital undergoing treatment for a head injury sustained in a snowboarding accident two days ago.

According to boyfriend Jason Ramirez, Sage was snowboarding in Whistler, two hours north of Vancouver , when she hit an ice patch. “The board came out from under her legs and she hit the back of her head on the ice patch.”

Doctors, he said, “did surgery on her and then they induced a coma so her brain wouldn’t be stressed out, wouldn’t slow up. They did have her on morphine. They took her off the morphine yesterday.

“They’re going to get her off the machine and they’re going to completely not give her any type of drug or painkiller and see how she responds to that. They’re going to keep on doing CT-scans every day to see how her brain’s doing. They did have to drill into her brain to relieve pressure.

“She’s going to be in the hospital for another two, two-and-a-half weeks. She’s going to have to do therapy… The doctor says, as it is right now, there’s not going to be any brain loss, but he doesn’t know that until she comes out.”

Ramirez said that Sage’s mother is at her side, and that she holds her hand and “gives like a light squeeze, so I think she knows her mom’s there. But I’m not sure if she’s aware of where she’s at and everything right now.” 

 Ramirez has started a website, for donations for her medical expenses. He said he would keep it updated so friends and colleagues can check on her progress.

Sage is perhaps best known for her many appearances in Belladonna’s girl/girl epics, including No Warning 4, Evil Pink 4 and Fetish Fanatic 7. She has also appeared in movies from lesbian studios Sweetheart Video, Abigail Productions, Triangle Films and Girlfriends Films.

 She is one of the stars of Belladonna’s latest release, Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever. Ironically enough, it deals with girls on a winter sports holiday in Big Bear. 
Please forward to anyone who might want to help or contribute to Sinn’s recovery costs – thank you  SSC.

 Source: AVN:


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