Aurora Snow Interview

Aurora Snow is one of the biggest names working in the adult industry today. Ms. Snow has starred in three hundred plus films, and directed over a dozen titles as well. Most recently she can be seen in two parody blockbusters from Hustler Video, “This Aint Star Trek XXX” and “Not The Bradys XXX.”
Carnal Comics will debut her comic biography this summer at Comic Con San Diego. Learn what makes this brainy beauty tick and more inside the pages of the first Porn Star Biography Carnal has published since 2005.
Aurora Snow took time out of her incredibly busy schedule to speak to us, and this is what she had to say…AScover2
1. Your comic biography is set to debut later this summer at the San Diego Comic Con, what drew you to this project and are you, or have you ever been, a fan of comic books?

I am fascinated with comics. As a kid I loved to read the sound effects out loud, now as an adult I do that with my nephews. They love the Batman and Spiderman comics, though I am partial to X-men; Rogue and Wolverine are my favorites.

2. In the past few years you’ve preformed mainly in plot driven films, as opposed to gonzo releases, do you have a preference?

I enjoy the work I do whether it is gonzo or plot driven. I enjoy the plot driven movies as there is another dimension of the creative process that goes into making these films. I find it inspiring to play a character or add something more to the scene than just being myself. Of course I adore theater, hence the acting is always a thrill for me.

3.  During your extensive career you took part in two films in the “Extreme Teen” series produced by Extreme Associates. One of the movies in that series, “Extreme Teen 24” was seized in a federal obscenity investigation. Although you did not participate in that particular installment, the films all have a similar nature of indulging the fantasy of having sex with a young, arguably underage girl. What is your stance regarding this sort of content, should the plot scenario of sex with a minor be considered federally obscene and warrant prosecution, or is it just a harmless playful fantasy?

This was not simulated sex with minors. No way was this anything close to such an awful monstrosity. This was simply an exercise in fantasy role playing that most adults get into. Perhaps the porn world makes the dress up and role playing a little more detailed, but it is no more than a role playing game meant for grown-ups playing around.

4. You maintain an incredibly active MySpace presence, blogging several times a week. How important is contact with your fans to you, and how has it boosted your career?

I love my fans. I never knew how much I adored the internet or traveling until I understood it meant I could communicate with fans. I love having friends everywhere. I find blogging on MySpace to be very therapeutic. I enjoy sharing my life with the world, and blogging my personal life is a great way of doing that….I often wonder how having a reality T.V. show would go….as I really enjoy putting myself “out there.” Just a thought J

5.  Regarding the same subject, your blogs often contain personal information that anyone might be nervous to share with the world. This information does indeed help to paint a vivid picture of the real Aurora Snow. Has that at all been a detriment to you, given that a great many adult entertainment fans would rather separate the porn star from the human being? I ask because in a previous interview I conducted with another starlet, she thought her “fans” might treat her a bit differently if they knew her better, if they knew for example that she was a mother.

I believe that in giving my fans access to the real me it will shed some light and break down the barriers people have built up around the stereotyping of “porn girls.” I enjoy letting people in on a little secret–porn may be fun but at the end of the day it’s my job not my lifestyle. I don’t judge people by the jobs they hold and yet I often feel judged by the job I do, bit by bit I intend to break down this wall.

6.  One of your more recent roles was Jan in the porno parody “Not the Bradys XXX”, what is it like to be a part of such an iconic sitcom’s history? Have fans asked you to sign any “Brady Bunch” memorabilia, or quote the famous “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” line?

Yes, I have many new fans thanks to the Brady spoof. I have enjoyed being a big part of that series and am under the impression that we may be shooting parts three and four later this year.

7.   Besides acting in adult films, you’ve directed several as well. The films you’ve directed have predominately been in the anal genre. A lot of adult actors/actresses who move into directing specialize in a genre they’re known for. But when one hears the name Aurora Snow, they might not automatically associate you with anal sex, since you’ve been in such a diverse collection of scenes. Why did you decide to adopt anal as your directorial specialty?

I believe in creating what is in demand; in short I believe in pleasing my fans. My fans often call out for anal and therefore I feel inclined to honor their requests, as a good hostess would.

8.  In a previous interview you mentioned that after you are finished with adult films, you would like to work in entertainment law. Perhaps it’s just me, but I can’t really imagine Aurora Snow behind a desk. With your blogs and the film, “The Perverted Tales of Aurora Snow,” you have shown a gift for writing and creativity. Has the idea of authoring erotica or any other fiction ever crossed your mind?

Of course! Aside from law school my other life’s ambition is to write a book or two. I am almost certain in years to come I can see that through. For as long as I can remember I have always viewed this life I lead as a path, I am on it collecting the necessary material so that one day when I am old and gray I may finally sit down with pen and paper and share it with the world in many colorful stories.

9. What, if anything does your theater background bring to the porno production table?

It certainly helps me memorize lines quickly! Also it has helped with script reading and taking direction.

10.   In a large number of cases your job demands certain standards of beauty, have you ever felt pressured to get plastic surgery or make any other alterations to enhance your appearance?

Yes I have felt pressured, but I am terrified of surgery. If not for being so afraid of it I may have caved by now. I have a philosophy–if it’s not broken don’t fix it (wait).  I have however become obsessed with the gym…now if only I could perfect my diet….I have a horrid sweet tooth.

11.  A person you have spoken of quite frequently about on your blog has been your brother. It appears that you have a very close relationship with him. Can you speak a little about his current situation?

Yes, my brother is very near and dear to me, all three of them actually. I have three younger brothers and we are all very close. It was hard when I moved away to college but we managed to keep in touch and stay close.  I blog about my brother as it is the only way to let some of what I am holding on to out. He was in a near fatal motorcycle accident February 20th of this year. He was in Critical Care for 4 wks and in a coma most of that time. When he came through the coma without a trace of brain damage we were elated. He’s only 24 yrs old (today June 7th was his birthday which we celebrated at the hospital) and he has three little boys ages one, four and six.  My life is forever changed. I ping pong between my brother and my nephews (he has full custody of his boys and is a great daddy) trying to hold it all together and propel this family forward while managing to work here and there to fund it all. I am disgusted by our health care system and the lack of care hospitals issue.  My brother was an EMT working two jobs and still going to school to become a firefighter and yet his insurance has decided to drop him due to all of this and now he is stuck dealing with the state care which puts him at a distinct disadvantage for proper care. He has a spinal cord injury and was sent to a place that specials in brain injury because that was the closest rehabilitation hospital in the county that the state was willing to pay for. His therapy is a far cry from being what he needs and there is not a thing we can do about it. The hospital has set a discharge date for June 17th, which is both good and bad. Great to have him come home, bad because we have to scramble to somehow get ramps built for his wheelchair, doorways widened and then we have to figure out how to have him continue on with some sort of in home nursing system or therapy however I believe most of that is up to us to take care of. It’s overwhelming and astounding that so little care is given to patients who cannot afford better through no fault of their own.

12. You have stated that you first entered the adult industry under the assumption that you were answering a nude modeling add. Jumping from nude modeling into full on sex scenes seems like a pretty huge leap. What convinced you to go forward when signing up for your first scene?

Honestly? The money–I really did it all for the money in the beginning and then I stayed on as I began to enjoy it.

13. The name Aurora Snow is an amalgamation of two fairytale princesses, Princess Aurora from the Disney adaptation of “Sleeping Beauty” and Snow White who eventually becomes a princess at the end of her harrowing ordeal. What significance do fairytales have in your life?

I don’t believe in fairytales, but I always wished I did. To have such a naively ignorant outlook struck me as a sort of blissful state. Fairytales sugar coat reality so I adore them for their simplistic beauty, though if given the choice I am pleased life isn’t a fairytale as that in the end would be very boring.

14. What is the best and worst thing about being Aurora Snow?

I would answer this differently at various points in my life. At the moment one of the best things about being “Aurora Snow” is the luxury of having the time to be here for my brother (partially thanks to my career and it’s unrestrictive schedule); I am also thankful for the vast amount of life experience I have gained in a relatively short amount of time. The worst thing about being “Aurora Snow” is that I am judged on a character I have acted as on film before being given a chance to disprove the stereotypes that surround this business.

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3 Responses to “Aurora Snow Interview”

  1. JIM DECKER Says:

    not the bradys is great

  2. jeff smith Says:

    would like to know auroras real name she is a beautiful women she would never have to be naked around me and has a great heart her brother is lucky to have a sister like her

  3. John R Bate Says:

    how do I go about just meeting Aurora in person, she is a great young lady that does a lot of good for so many people I would just love to shake her hand and get an autograph. I know millions of people want to do the same thing, but hopefully she realizes that there a few of us that would just love to say hi in person, besides if she would like a nice dinner I sure would not turn that down.
    Love ya John

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