NEW BOOK FROM CARNAL! Girl Meets Tentacle #1

It’s been a while, so we thought we’d bring you up to date on the latest from Carnal Comics. Back in July at San Diego Comic Con 2010 we released Girl Meets Tentacle #1, but it wasn’t released inthe stores until Dec of 2010 So anyway here is the cover, description and a link to the official Carnal site where you can purchase the book and see what else we have been up to…|

Meet Roxy, she’s your average teenage girl, you know the type. The kind with a voracious appetite for porn and comics. The sort of girl called upon to save the world from complete and utter destruction, if she can make it off the couch. And to save humanity this time, she;s gonnna have to go back to school to do it! If you’re a slacker, love to laugh and can name more than a handful of porn-stars, than this is the book for you. Done with a loving nod towards the work of Toshio Maeda (La Blue Girl) “Girl Meets Tentacle” will leave you feeling funny in more ways than one. Also includes a brand new bonus story featuring Hell’s own Demi The Demoness & Roxy’s sister tracking down the Necronomicon. What more could you ask for? Tentacles, schoolgirls and hot girl on demoness sex, you know you want a copy. Full color cover, B&W Interiors, 32 pages. Story By Nathan Joyce, Art by Peter Penn, Alexis Joyce & SS Crompton

Want to buy it?  Go here… 

The book sold pretty well, so the team is working on the 2nd issue, whcih may include a bonus crossover story with Vampirooni!


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