City of the Gods Gets big write up

Tehn-Mer & Sekhmet

Tehn-Mer & Sekhmet in the City of the Gods

Hey Carnal Fans – If you’re a big fan of Demi the Demoness, you should check out City of the Gods.  Jay Allen Sanford just did a big write up and review of all the “City of the Gods” products were very favorably reviewed in an extensive online article at the San Diego Reader newspaper site. The review by none other includes some further information about characters and plots that will appear in the upcoming anthology book, “Mythic Tales.” I always want our most loyal fans to get all our sneak previews first, so follow the link below to see those storyline hints.
Please check it out – add comments at the bottom or at least click the “like” it button 
Here’s the link  – please take a look and thanks for being a fan!

2 Responses to “City of the Gods Gets big write up”

  1. Hello I was wondering how does and artist get a job with your company drawing for you? Is there a submission guideline, do you have sample scripts to work from or do you just accept samples?

    • carnalcomics Says:

      Send 3 email sample jpegs of x-rated art or comics pages to the editor at
      Really waht we are mostly looking for are pencillers who can draw Demi the Demoness.
      Good luck and we look forwar to seeing your work.

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