New From Carnal Lyssa the Witch #1

A prequel comic to the Demi movie

A prequel comic to the Demi movie

IN FULL COLOR! The Secret Origin of Lyssa, Nazi Witch Whore of the 4th Reich!  How does a young girl become the Aryan Witch Queen of Castle Von Crowley?  Find out in this Demi Movie tie-in and discover how Lyssa finds the Thule Gestaff and an Asian lesbian love slave. It’s her “cumming” of age adventure! This comic also includes full color photos of porn star Audrey Elson, the actress that portrayed Lyssa in the live-action Demi Movie.  Plus Secrets of the 3rd Reich revealed, along with rare photos and artifacts from Castle Von Crowley. 36 pages. X-Rated – Adults Only.  Hot Babes and Supernatual Nazis?  What more could you ask?

Get it at Drive Thru comics as a pdf Download

Or order it direct from Opus Graphics for $6 plus $4 shipping.
Paypal $10 to   (Be sure to add a note saying that you want the Lyssa comic and include your shipping address.
Or – send check or money order to Opus Graphics PO Box 2018, Scottsdale AZ 85252


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